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Well to make a long story short, Big Paws Inc. is a place that views the world slightly different than the rest & that had to evolve with its time

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Dog Food Delivery & Pickup

Because our aim is to make your life easier when it comes to raw feeding, we now offer deliveries across the GTA and pick ups at 1847 Davenport Rd, Toronto ON.

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why raw?


To transition your dog from kibble to raw its advised to start with a simple protein that is not heavy on your dog’s digestive track, such as chicken (turkey is another protein that can be used if your dog is allergic to chicken). Once your dog is settled in into its raw diet, you can start incorporating other sources of protein, nutrients, vitamins found in organs and meaty bones for an enriched and wholesome diet.

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Address: 1847 Davenport Rd, Toronto ON
Phone: (855) 826-3535

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