Cutting & Packaging Services in Toronto

We now offer a cutting and portioning service which allows you to customize your order, making meal time more convenient. Our cuts come in five custom formats, removing all the mess and additional work. We also provide a portioning service, which we customize each bag to the amount you require.

24 hours notice is required in order to process and facilitate your cutting requests. ~Stock availability is not guaranteed.

Cutting Formats
1/2 1lb (16 oz)
1/3 10.6 oz
1/4 8 oz
1/6 5.3 oz
1/8 4 oz

*Note: We do not cut smaller than 4 oz due to safety reasons. See in store for more details.

Price List
Custom Cuts $0.45 per lb
Custom Packaging $0.85 per lb

*Custom packaging requires 48 hrs prior notice for processing.

*Note: Prices subject to change without notice.

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Because our aim is to make your life easier when it comes to raw feeding, we now offer deliveries across the GTA and pick ups at 1847 Davenport Rd, Toronto ON.

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