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February 4, 2013

So as you may know we do not judge a book by its cover here at big paws Inc. we’d rather read it ?

I personally enjoy Tattoos and people with them so I figured why not post a few pictures of dog tattoos I found on the net. Before I go and post them I did want to say a little something.

Tattoos are forever and you should choose them carefully & perhaps wait a little before getting something that may seem great today but may not tomorrow! Also, since I’m giving you my two cents you may want to choose your artist carefully since they do not all have the same skill set and may leave you with a dragon when you asked for a butterfly.

The choice of Tattoo shop should also be taken in consideration since you would most likely be looking for a shop that is clean and will not leave you with a random infection. Be picky, it is FOREVER! (or at least until you can afford to get laser removal which usually cost double what you paid for your tattoo as a rule of thumb)

Remember Tattoo are not for other to judge. It’s for your eyes only and/or because YOU like it!

So, let’s get to the ink, hope you enjoy.

Posted by: Kevin Uhindu

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