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Winter Essentials

Winter has arrived along with snow and ice. Big Paws Inc. has preventative measures to ensure you and your dog get through winter without complications.

Bath Time For Your K9 Companion

Some of us have lucked out with easy-going dogs when it comes to bath time.

Raw Diet for Puppies

If you decide to put your puppy on a raw diet there are a few guidelines to follow to have a positive experience transitioning your puppy from kibble to raw.

Feeding Raw - Big Paws Style

Feeding dogs raw can be intimidating for some people. But once you've gained knowledge on the subject, it’s not difficult to embrace.

How to Feed Your Cat Raw

Some cats will take to raw food right away.Almost all kittens and young cats will switch over to a raw diet without much of a transition.

The Bionic Dog

So I was browsing the internet earlier today and I stubble on this neat article about this dog called Naki’o.

How to cut my dogs nails?

So here is a quick blurb on how to cut your dog’s nails without making a bloody mess!

Tattoos of Dogs!

So as you may know we do not judge a book by its cover here at big paws Inc. we’d rather read it ;)

Redline Shepherd's Protection Workshop - Review

Today I’ll be talking about training and especially training with Redline Shepherds.

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